Deckards Dream DIY - Build Blog

Yes I'm building Deckard's Dream! The CS-80 clone replicant. I'll be blogging my progress here.

When I finish building I plan to control it with my Yamaha CS-60. This will give me a total of three voice layers and the ability to use the CS-60's ribbon controller and amazing (single channel) touch response. The devil is in the detail though; I will need to design a MIDI retrofit for the CS-60 so it can emit MIDI notes (the existing MIDI kits for the CS-60 don't have MIDI out!!).

Deckard's Dream Synth

When controlling Deckard's Dream via the CS-60, I plan to run DDRM through the CS-60's ring modulator so the layers are synchronised (that's best part about that ring mod in my opinion, all voices get it at the same time). This idea will not be technically difficult to acheive, as the voices get mixed right before the ring mod input on the CS-60 anyway. I could even do it via an input jack on the existing connection panel on the back of the CS-60, so the synth is not disturbed much. As yet I am undecided about how I will send the analogue CV signal from the CS-60's ribbon controller to Deckard's Dream. I will need to study DDRM first and decide what the best option is.

Step 1 - Kit and part's ordering

Last Update: 24 Sept 2017

Finally the official BOM (bill of materials) has been released! Yes!
Download it here: Deckard Dream BOM (Rev 1)

The next thing I'm doing is a stock-take of the parts that I already have. There are more than 4000 parts in this build and I starting ordering as soon as the first group buys came out. So now I have no idea what I have and what I don't. I did make one mistake - I bought the mains AC to DC plug-pack off the preliminary BOM but it was changed to a different product in the REV1 BOM. I'm not sure if the previous one will still work, so I ended up also buying the new one from the REV1 BOM as well. But what's even worse is I actually bought two of the new version by accident!!! (it was very late at night and I was tired) So I have way too many plug-packs now!

Here's how is gone so far:

In August I got the all the V2164 Quad VCA's and CEM3340's from the synthcube group buy.


And later that month I got the sliders from Mouser. The 100K sliders that everyone ordered as part of the group buys are not the only value that will work. Roman was clear about this in the BOM (although he only referenced the 100K version part numbers, which everyone when and copied into the group buys). In fact I mentioned in the Deckard's Dream DIY facebook group that I preferred using 10K for this task anyway. And it turned out that the 10K's were in stock whereas the 100K's weren't. So it was a no-brainer.

I also got a bunch of other parts like the jacks, board connectors and switches. And smaller parts like the noise generator IC, the OLED display and a few other things I can't remember.


And this month (Sept) I got all the parts to build and power the power supply board. this includes the main AC to 24V plug-pack which was wrong. I've reordered it.


We're all waiting for the PCB's now. They should be available next month (Oct 17). I've started doing a stocktake on parts.